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She was the most successful funds manager in Germany. For many years Susan Levermann managed funds with a volume of up to EUR 1.7 billion and acted successfully in bearish and bullish markets. Her experiences can now be read in the book "The relaxed way to Wealth."
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why you should become a member of Leading-Invest today.
Leading-Invest offers you invaluable services if you are a stockholder or want to become one. Leading-Invest offers you a selection of top stocks from all over the world that will prove to be a lucrative investment. Our selection is superiour. This all our statistics show again and again. But see yourself...
Just read our Ten good Reasons, become a member at Leading-Invest today and start investing with the best stock picking system on the market!


Become a member of Leading-Invest and use the award winning and most advanced stock market strategy in the world that is now available for private investors.

Within the click of a mousebutton you get the chance to rate all your stocks using the award winning stock rating method of Susan Levermann. Get tips and ideas from others users in our Showroom. Here you will find, which stocks are the most valuable investments rated with the quantitative method of Susan Levermann.

The early bird gets the worm: beat all the other investors by already being invested, while others find the stock and pick it! has prooven to be quicker than all the other concurring services. Only who is early invested can use the full potential of the investment. With our Depot feature you can monitor the performance of your investment within the blink of an eye.

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Comments and Opinions

Comments and Opinions
»It's great that finally someone made my check list in a web-enabled tool.«
Susan L., 22. August 2011
»I made good experiences investing in the best international shares -- the system really works phenomenal!«
Heike G., 25. June 2013
»Great tool, saves a lot of work. Am convinced of the Levermann-system.«
Andrea R., 03. December 2012
»At the moment I monitor the performance of my portfolio since I am a member of Leading-Invest. Previously I tried to accomplish the Levermann-Strategy manually - absolutely impossible!. But now the results are most impressive!«
Heike G., 03. May 2013
»Thanks for the new information on the number and the origin of the rated shares. I can only say, keep up the good work, develop your serivce continuously, then for sure, more and more customers will come to appreciate your service.«
Udo M., 10. March 2013
»I am an enthusiastic user of your computer based version of Mrs. Levermanns strategy.«
Jürgen M., 30. April 2013
»I am member for about one month and I am very satisfied.«
Attila J., 22. December 2013
»I am a fan of your site«
Heike G., 06. September 2013

What we Offer...

What we Offer...
You are looking for the best stock portfolio with maximum return. We offer to you the most advanced stock-picking system of the whole stock market world -- immediately at your disposal!
  1. Rate your stocks: rate your individual stock portfolio on a daily basis in your Depot using the checklist of an award-winning funds manager
  2. Buying signals: the rating checklist offers you clear buy- and sell signals
  3. Finding new investments I: monitor your individual Watchlist using the checklist of professional funds managers
  4. Finding new investments II: find investment tips and hot stocks in our Showroom
  5. Huge database: our database lists thousands of German and international stock market shares. As a member you have complete access to these shares.

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